Social media

Create fun and exciting social media content - starring your brand’s avatar. Whether you prefer videos or stills, it's easier than ever to create eye-catching content. You can use your digital actor as a social media influencer or leverage your avatar as a spokesperson or brand ambassador to ensure your message is consistent across all channels
Corporate communications

Corporate communications

Transform your corporate communications with the help of avatar content. By incorporating digital actors into your messaging, you can create more memorable content and share company news, updates, personal messages from the CEO, or other important information in a whole new way. Bid boring emails farewell and welcome a more engaging way of communicating with your team.


Turn your boring presentations into videos with digital presenters to create professional training videos. Showcase your company’s strong points to old and new employees in an impactful and memorable way. Avatar training videos will also help you effortlessly personalise and scale learning - saving you time and money.


Elevate your events with unique avatar content! Use your avatar as part of the build-up to an event and engage your audience like never before with an avatar on the day of the event. An avatar also allows you to effortlessly follow up on the event to ensure attendees take action. Whether it is a virtual, hybrid, or in-person event - give your audience an experience they won’t forget.
Create avatars of your sales team


Create avatars of your sales team and arm them with impressive video presentations to help them connect with their target audience. Or produce product and explainer videos featuring your brand's avatar as a presenter or spokesperson.
Virtual reality

Virtual reality

Use a digital actor as a tour guide in a virtual reality or 360-degree video experience. You can further improve the VR experience by including your CEO or other significant business figures as avatars.


Characters are the elements within the story that audiences can relate to the most and are the foundations of storytelling. Use digital actors to tell your story or to build narratives for business storytelling.

Brand ambassadors

A Brand Avatar can be created to represent a brand or product and can be used as a virtual brand ambassador to interact with customers and audiences in a variety of contexts, such as social media, events, and online communities.


Create A Lasting Connection With Your Audience

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Your Options For Amazing Voice-Overs

Supply your own voice over

This might be a recording of your voice or a recording of the person whose avatar we’ve made. Alternatively, you can provide us with a recording from a voice artist.

Get a professional voice-over artist

If you’d like a recording that is a little more professional, we can also connect you with a talented voice artist. The choice is yours!

Let AI assist

We can also assist with high-quality AI-generated voice-overs. This is a very cost-effective.

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