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At Brand Avatar — we use avatars and digital people to redefine engagement. They help us to bridge the gap between businesses and their audiences.

At Brand Avatar — we use avatars and digital people to redefine engagement. They help us to bridge the gap between businesses and their audiences.

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Our avatars are more than just digital representations; they’re dynamic personas meticulously crafted to captivate audiences and elevate your brand to new heights.


With hyper-realistic, autonomously animated digital people, brands can now effortlessly engage with customers in a way that’s not just relatable but also incredibly scalable.



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Customer Service

At Brand Avatar, we do more than just design digital faces — we leverage the power of technology to craft digital personas for
hyper-realistic digital people that captivate audiences whilst offering always-on support.

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Internal Communications

Send your team an impactful message that will be remembered for way longer than just another boring email. Use avatars to share company news, internal updates, and important messages from the CEO.

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Digital Concierge

Housed within a kiosk or mobile device, our digital concierges warmly welcome attendees, offering essential information and ensuring a seamless event experience. Our digital concierges enhance the event experience, making every interaction memorable.

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Social Media

With an avatar, it becomes much easier to create eye-catching social media content. You can generate stills or videos and ensure that your message is consistent across all channels.

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Brand Ambassador

Let us help you create the perfect brand ambassador! Whether it is online interactions or in-person events, our avatars and digital people will engage your audience with warmth and charm — plus, they are always on-brand.

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Revitalise your training material with our digital presenters, who are incredibly easy to scale. Our digital people and avatars also engage the viewer in a way that stays with them long after the screen fades to black.

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Use avatars to weave captivating narratives that bring your brand’s story to life. Characters are the cornerstone of memorable narratives, as they are the elements within a story that resonate most deeply with audiences.

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Digital Tutor

Effortlessly approachable and
non-judgemental, our digital tutors shine as online educators. With a focus on personalised experiences, they engage students across multiple modes of learning, ensuring lasting comprehension.

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Brand Statues

Take your online persona from pixels to pocket-size — with Brand Avatar’s Brand Statues! The process is simple: First, we turn you into an avatar, then we print your 16cm twin, and lastly, your mini-me masterpiece gets hand-painted to perfection.


Brand Avatar is a specialist creative agency that leverages the power of technology to design and deploy avatars and digital people for brand communications. With each project, we redefine what is possible — to push boundaries and inspire connections that last.

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