Brand Avatar relaunches with new 3D avatars and an improved platform

Brand Avatar will officially relaunch this week with a revamped website that gives users more options and better functionality.

Brand Avatar home page

The team has been hard at work over the last couple of months, and they are excited to show off the final product. Steven Hall, founder and creative director of Brand Avatar, stated “We’ve updated our look with a fresh new design that communicates our dedication and motivation to help businesses and brands create memorable video content – starring digital actors also referred to as brand avatars”.

One of the characteristics that set the Brand Avatar platform apart is its user-friendliness. Hall said, “Our goal is to make video production as stress-free as possible for users. And so, we’ve done more than just upgrading the website. We’ve moved from 2D to 3D avatars. Plus, we’ve incorporated AI and motion capture into our pipeline to take care of the mundane parts of content production”.

This means you get a better-looking, better-performing, and better-converting avatar – faster and without breaking the bank.

A key element in the brand overhaul was the brand video, which reflects the style of the new product range: “The product we are using in the video is the Pitch! option. One of our four standard products designed to create effective videos quickly,” noted Hall.

Some platforms try and turn the user into an animator, but Hall reinforces that this is not the case with Brand Avatar: “We know why we exist. We’ve seen that video done right can keep viewers interested. So, we are here to help small, medium, and even big companies create more engaging video content – without all the slog of hiring a crew, a cast, and the post-production required.”

Whether you need a video solution to pitch, promote, explain or present your products and or services, Brand Avatar’s process is simple and straightforward. All you need to get started is a script. Choose between stock avatars (that are, in fact, very customisable) and fully-customisable avatars (that can look and speak just like you).

Meet Brand Avatar 2.0

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